TWO SPIRITS was invited to the White House for a special event on June 15th with President Obama in celebration of LGBT and Two-Spirit people!




The American Library Association (ALA) named TWO SPIRITS one of the 15 outstanding films of the past two years-films that made “a significant contribution.”




TWO SPIRITS was the highest-rated film of the 2010-2011 season, and received the Audience Award from PBS-Independent Lens.



TWO SPIRITS is a nominee for the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards and is being recognized for amplifying the voice of the LGBT community nationally and helping grassroots organizations increase acceptance and advance equality.



TWO SPIRITS also received the Monette-Horwitz Distinguished Achievement Award for outstanding activism, research, and scholarship to combat homophobia.






TWO SPIRITS was voted BEST DOCUMENTARY OF 2010 at the prestigiousCGLFF in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 30, the festival jury singling the film out for the honor from a group of fine documentaries from around the world.



TWO SPIRTS highlighted the British Film Institute’s 23rd annual LGBT Film Festival in London, where it was nominated for the CHE Film Award.




The film was an opening-night selection at the Durango Indpendent Film Festival.




TWO SPIRITS screened for the first time in 2010 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where the film was nominated for the Fund for Santa Barbara’s Social Justice Award for Documentary Film.



TWO SPIRITS received a standing ovation from a sell-out crowd of more than five hundred people at its world premiere in November at the Starz Denver Film Festival.