What the Hell Happened to Traditional Values Like Love?

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When a young Native American man came out to his parents — who had lost touch with traditional teachings — he was shamed for the “sin” of being who he is. But when he came out to his traditional grandmother, she saw him as a creation of the Holy People and someone gifted with another way of being. She smiled lovingly and said, “Oh, my friends will be so jealous!”

We’re in the Holy Days of the LGBT calendar in October and November. It’s the season we observe National Coming Out Day, LGBT History Month, and Transgender Day of Remembrance.

I’m embarrassed to say that 20 years ago I felt squeamish when a close family member and her partner came out. Thank heaven for atonement and forgiveness! I knew so little at the time and I had no idea how to help them counter the discrimination they faced.

The process of making my film TWO SPIRITS began a few years ago, when I knew better and could do better. I sat near the grave of a murdered Navajo boy who was also a girl. I assured his grieving and loving mother that we would tell their story well so that people who didn’t know or care might be moved to see and feel things differently. That audiences would understand the gift of another gender through her love of her beautiful son. Read more…

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