What would happen if 6 million people changed their minds?

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With your help we can reach millions

Making the film TWO SPIRITS began when I sat with Fred’s mother at his grave and she poured out her heart to me.

The experience transformed me from someone who had very little awareness, to someone who fully embraces gender diversity, because I see how much it adds to all of our lives.The tragic story of a mother’s loss of her child to a brutal murder has challenged us to answer the question she raised, “Why are people killed for being who they are?” And learning that there was a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female, and that there is a place of honor in many Native American cultures for people across a spectrum of sexuality and gender expression, has been a gift.

TWO SPIRITS is changing peoples’ minds and hearts at film festivals worldwide, in classrooms, and in networks of families and friends. It has also been named as a film that “makes a significant contribution” by the America Library Association, but, we can’t reach a significant audience of millions of people without your help.

TWO SPIRITS airs nationally on PBS-Independent Lens on June 14, 2011. A typical audience for the program is the 1.5 million range, but if we join together to spread the word early, it’s possible to reach as many as 6 million people.

I’m meeting with the PBS team this week to begin our combined efforts to have 6 million people see the film. Can you imagine the impact that many people could have?

Will You Help Spread the Word?

It’s people like you who have gotten TWO SPIRITS to this point and we’re grateful for all you’ve done to help. Now, we have the opportunity to reach 6 million, galvanizing many more hearts and minds and generating action for change.

Please Take a Moment to–

SHARE the film with others as widely as possible now. With your support, the reach of the film will grow exponentially!


TWO SPIRITS Official Trailer
TWO SPIRITS Official Trailer

SEND this trailer to your friends and family to share the story and its message in only two minutes.

ORDER HERE SHARE the DVD with this special buy one get one for half price offer and pass the film on as a gift. The more people who see it now, the more word-of-mouth will draw an audience of 6 million.

Find us on FacebookCONNECT TWO SPIRITS within your circle, and on Facebook. With your help we can generate awareness by June and replace attitudes that cause great harm with approaches to gender and sexuality that benefit us all.

PARTICIPATE in the education and outreach effort we’re coordinating with 60 nonprofit organizations. We have the alliances in place to do great media and outreach work to build an audience of 6 million-if we can raise $39,000 from online supporters in the next 60 days.

Humane stories influence people in ways it’s impossible to predict. I was amazed when my very conservative Mormon mother—who plays the organ in church every Sunday—boldly invited her 80 year-old friends over to see TWO SPIRITS because, “They needed to be exposed to new ideas—it was good for them.” Of course she’s my mother, but it wasn’t me who changed her mind. It was a simple story of compassion and respect that moved her, and has now influenced her friends.

Thank you for whatever you can do to help us reach 6 million people and change many lives—one heartfelt connection at a time.

With gratitude,

Lydia Nibley


2 Responses to “What would happen if 6 million people changed their minds?”

  1. Reply John Tambeau says:

    I shed many tears for Fred Martinez. I don’t watch the news so I’m not up on current events when I seen this story oh my the tears starting pouring and I don’t cry much.

    I’m a gay western european person who has native american blood but don’t claim native american as my culture.

    However I want to learn native american culture as much as possible cause it can teach western people so much. I have been reading much and all the destruction.

    Gay people and native american people have so much in common, I also practice ancient paganism and Buddhism. We have been cut off from our source spirit energies by the western european christsain social false self system.

  2. Reply John Tambeau says:

    In Buddhism everything is interconnected. I like educating myself. I’m reading regarding the navaho people regarding the Manhattan project.

    How they were used and abused. For government corporate gain and nothing was ever said or is know to the greater sociecty.

    Native american’s are so brutalized I’m disgusted to call myself white. My spirit is that of a native american warrior I identify with native american’s , Tibetan buddhist, ancient paganism/gay, African’s all these people have one thing in common genocide or stealing of lands for greed and gain.

    I Identify also with the two spirits community as they have double discrimination. I’m unemployed but if there anything I can do to help let me know. I’m also aligned with the radical faeries. They beleive as native americans beleive mother earth father sky.

    P.S. My animal spirit is that of a bengali tiger. Beauty beast and right to exist as I so choose and I will fight to the death for this right. Also I served 6 years under government rule I’m a military veteran proud to serve. Served during the 80’s peace time.

    If any native american’s can help me with understanding the native american culture and spirit essence it would be much appreciated.

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