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Your Help to Overcome a Glitch

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Will you help us reach out widely? We just learned that technology and You Tube are not perfect. I know, it was a rude awakening for us too. Darn it. We had over 90,000 hits on the TWO SPIRITS trailer, which we intentionally created to work like a public service announcement so that anyone who saw it could understand something about gender with a difference. One day all of those hits and comments just simply disappeared. This has an impact on how high the trailer ranks on search engines and all sort of other things we may or may not understand fully. Please share links to the trailer and post it on social media so that we can continue to reach more people with the messages of TWO SPIRITS. Thank you so much for your support!

Lydia Nibley

What the Hell Happened to Traditional Values Like Love?

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When a young Native American man came out to his parents — who had lost touch with traditional teachings — he was shamed for the “sin” of being who he is. But when he came out to his traditional grandmother, she saw him as a creation of the Holy People and someone gifted with another way of being. She smiled lovingly and said, “Oh, my friends will be so jealous!”

We’re in the Holy Days of the LGBT calendar in October and November. It’s the season we observe National Coming Out Day, LGBT History Month, and Transgender Day of Remembrance.

I’m embarrassed to say that 20 years ago I felt squeamish when a close family member and her partner came out. Thank heaven for atonement and forgiveness! I knew so little at the time and I had no idea how to help them counter the discrimination they faced.

The process of making my film TWO SPIRITS began a few years ago, when I knew better and could do better. I sat near the grave of a murdered Navajo boy who was also a girl. I assured his grieving and loving mother that we would tell their story well so that people who didn’t know or care might be moved to see and feel things differently. That audiences would understand the gift of another gender through her love of her beautiful son. Read more…


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TWO SPIRITS celebration in Phoenix

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Department of Justice Update

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TWO SPIRITS showing in Denver, CO

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TWO SPIRITS in the White House!

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TWO SPIRITS has been invited to the White House for a special event on June 15th with President Obama in celebration of LGBT and Two-Spirit people! We’re going to have even deeper impact now.

Surviving the Intersections: Filmmakers Take on Race, Gender and Sexuality

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TWO SPIRITS director, Lydia Nibley was honored to be featured in the University of Southern California’s Visions and Voices initiative at a day-long event featuring films and a discussion to examine the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

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In fine company

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PBS has submitted TWO SPIRITS for consideration for the Peabody award. It’s an honor to be in such fine company. We’ll keep you posted.

RadioWest interview with Doug Fabrizio

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Here’s a very thoughtful interview from the RadioWest program heard nationally on Sirius XM Public Radio. Share this in-depth conversation and enjoy a discussion that is redefining gender and sexuality for many people.