Music is a very important part of TWO SPIRITS and director Lydia Nibley was particularly inspired by two pieces that became touchstones for creating the right emotional tone for the film. The first is a haunting peyote chant titled “Healing Song” by Primeaux, Mike & Attson, a piece that moves from a prayer in Navajo to the words “God bless America,” as if to invoke that healing.

The second is Patti Smith’s powerful song “Gone Again” from the album of the same name.  Lydia explains, “Patti embodies a brilliant blending of the masculine and feminine in her life and her work, and there’s something about her that also communicates a big-heartedness that is large enough to encompass all of humanity. ‘Gone Again’  has precisely the fierce, unbowed, and also hugely loving energy with which I wanted to end the film, leaving people with a sense of the depth of the loss and also a sense of hope.”

Traditional and contemporary Native American music in TWO SPIRITS was provided courtesy of Canyon Records artists including original compositions to score scenes of the film by Antony Wakeman and Mr. Soon, and music by Primeaux & Mike, Skychasers, Radmilla Cody, Clan/Destine, Lou Gonnie, and traditional Zuni music.

Other music in TWO SPIRITS was contributed by:

Juantio Becenti, who received a grant from the First Nations Composers Initiative to create original music for the film.

London-based composer and songwriter Lee Harris

Chuck Barry and his band the Beautiful Losers and Chuck and Rosie Carter who are dry land farmers and musicians who live in Southwestern Colorado.

And composers Mandy Hoffman and David Reyes. David Reyes composed original music for key scenes in the film and the DVD bonus materials and added to the orchestration of other sequences.