Summer Campaign Staff

Please join our team of volunteers! Do what you can to spread the word about TWO SPIRITS and what it can do for more people. WELCOME TO OUR REAL and VIRTUAL TEAM!

Amy, Julia, Kara, and Xiaoyue are jumping in with all of our Facebook friends and supporters to spread the word about TWO SPIRITS and increase the use of the film in colleges, universities, and libraries so that we can make change NOW and OVER TIME.

Please help us campaign for funds on Indiegogo, spread the word on social media, and share your videos and ideas for including more people.

Amy Scheiner is our creative director, campaign coordinator, festival coordinator, and production assistant. She’s working to be a documentary and narrative filmmaker, and is interested in exposing social and political issues and finding compelling stories in hidden places. She enjoys traveling, writing, playing tennis, and anything to do with the 1960’s so she’s bringing a “summer of love” vibe to the campaign.


Julia Grimm is our director of photography, editor, and campaign coordinator. Julia is a cinematographer on both narrative and documentary films. She aspires to make films that raise awareness of injustices worldwide. She spends her time reading, writing, traveling, playing board games, biking, and practicing mixology. We’ll celebrate reaching our goals with a special toast.


Kara Siebein is our editor, campaign coordinator, and production assistant.  Her focus is on making documentaries about social injustice and environmental issues. She enjoys traveling, playing the violin, bicycling, and Marvel superheroes—if you know any personally please ask them to help the campaign, superpowers are welcome.


Xiaoyue Qin is our graphic designer, t-shirt and   webguru, and creative director. She plans to return to China and begin an organization dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. She enjoys cooking, biking, and photography. Her wonderful images are all over this campaign.



And you? Do you want to inspire and share? We need every creative and imaginative contribution possible to expand the use of TWO SPIRITS.