Funding for TWO SPIRITS Was Provided by

Riding The Tiger Productions
Say Yes Quickly Productions
Just Media
Patrick Sternberg
Terri Krug
Peggy Ensign
Jen Rainin
Jean R. Martin
B.W. Bastian Foundation
First Nations Composers Initiative and the Ford Foundation
Rainbow Endowment
Eugene & Barbara Sternberg Family Foundation
Ballantine Family Fund
Martha Beck & Karen Gerdes
Susan Gray
Playboy Foundation
Monette-Horwitz Trust
Barbara Bridges
Pat Gourley
Megan Nibley
Coy Stout II & Jeffrey S. Falk
Will Roscoe
Alan Cook
Shad Reinstein & Jody Laine
M.D. Lively & J. Moore
Graham Johnson & Ethel Johnson
Melissa Nibley & Frank Normile
Support for the Education and Outreach Efforts of The Fred Martinez Project has been provided by the Arcus Foundation and the Gill Foundation.

Additional Funding Was Provided by

Tom Dunn, Kimberly Kay Hawks, Myron McClellan & Lawrence Phillips,
Nadine Nibley, Melissa Pope, Claudia Martin, Andrew Sanchez, Charles
Schewene, Margriet Schnabel & Gregory M. Daniels, Robert J. Hart,
Qwo-Li Driskill, William & Jaysyn Stay