Special Thanks

SPECIAL THANKS to the network of colleagues and friends who helped make TWO SPIRITS.
THE FAMILY OF FRED MARTINEZ, JR. provided invaluable assistance in telling the story of Fred’s life and his parents and brothers have been very supportive throughout the process of making the film.
PATTI SMITH contributed her song “Gone Again.”
ROSEMARY CARROLL handled the music licensing.
TOY BOX ENTERTAINMENT and ROLAND MESA and BARRY SAMSON contributed post-production services and the trailer/PSA of the film.
JUDY SHEPARD, Matthew Shepard’s mother, consoled Paula Mitchell (Fred’s mother) in the aftermath of the murder and supported the outreach efforts of the film.
WESLEY THOMAS contributed a Navajo weaving from his own collection to Patti Smith on behalf of the film team in appreciation for her participation in the film.
WILL ROSCOE served as a key advisor to the production, and is the author of several books and articles that were important in shaping the project.
DAVID LYNCH loaned key audio equipment in post-production.
THE REV. MALCOLM BOYD & MARK THOMPSON, have authored books that relate to human rights, LGBT equality, and spirituality, and also provided photographic resources for the film.
SONJA HOROSHKO assisted the production and served as a mentor to Juantio Becenti, the Navajo composer in the film.
BEE CREATIVE AND SAHAK EKSHIAN created the poster art.
BRIAN GLEASON provided footage from his film Rise Up And Shout!
KATE KENDELL provided invaluable assistance in finishing the film.
BIRD RUNNINGWATER reached out on behalf of the project within the independent film community.
FRED ESTRADA provided help with photographic resources in the film.
GABI CLAYTON AND CAROLYN WAGNER are both mothers of sons who suffered hate violence and who worked closely with Fred’s mother.
ROBIN FLORES, BEATRICE FLORES, AND MARLENE SCOTT were friends of Fred Martinez who provided assistance to the production.
JOEY CHAVEZ AND STEVE HARMON represented local law enforcement in Cortez, Colorado and in Montezuma County and made sure the depiction of the crime and the facts of the murder investigation were accurate.
DR. JAMES R. BRUST provided help in finding some of the key historical photographs in the film.
STEPHEN WILLIAMS is a filmmaker who consulted on each cut of the film.
PETER BRODERICK is an advocate for indie filmmakers who advised the project team from post-production through distribution.