Getting Help

If you’re looking for support or services these organizations are a great place to begin.

A coalition of over sixty organizations have made specific, measurable commitments to spread the word about the film to all of their members, organize events around the film, and to use TWO SPIRITS in violence reduction programs, safe schools initiatives, suicide prevention programs, LGBT equality programs, in racial and gender equality efforts, and in support of civil  and human rights.

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Nonprofit, government, and faith-based partners include: the U.S. Office for Civil Rights, GLAAD, PFLAG, Human Rights Coalition, National Center for Lesbian Rights, New York City Anti-Violence Project, Pacific Pride Foundation, Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Equality Arizona, Colorado Anti-Violence Program, The Center, the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, Citizens Project, National Association of Black & White Men Together, Kindred Spirits, California Network of Mental Health Clients, Paso HIV/AIDS Support Group, Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, PFLAG Denver, PFLAG Northern Colorado, Coalition of Colorado PFLAG Chapters, Transgender Europe.

Two-Spirit and Native outreach partners include: The Navajo Nation, Diné College, NativeOUT, 2SPR-Two Spirit Press Room, Indigenous Wellness Research Institute, Honor Project, Two-Spirit Society of Denver, The Red Circle Project, NorthEast Two-Spirit Society, Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits, Tulsa Two-Spirit Society, Two-Spirit Society of Rochester, Nations of the 4 Directions, Oklahoma Native American AIDS Coalition, Native HIV Advocacy.

Education outreach partners include: Harvard University Divinity School, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals, Ball State University, Oakland University Gender and Sexuality Center, UCSB Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, LGBTA of Virginia Tech, Equality Maricopa, Montclair State University, UNLV Two-Spirit Association, Multicultural Center UNLV, Colorado State University Women’s Programs and Ethnic Studies, Agnes Scott College Department of Intercultural Affairs, University of Redlands Campus Diversity & Inclusion, Williams College, Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, UNL LGBTQA Programs & Services, Montclair State University LGBT Center, The Stonewall Center of the University of Massachusetts.

Media partners include: Women+Film, BloomingOUT-WFHB Radio, International Gay and Lesbian Review, Reel Affirmations.