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Your Help to Overcome a Glitch

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Will you help us reach out widely? We just learned that technology and You Tube are not perfect. I know, it was a rude awakening for us too. Darn it. We had over 90,000 hits on the TWO SPIRITS trailer, which we intentionally created to work like a public service announcement so that anyone who saw it could understand something about gender with a difference. One day all of those hits and comments just simply disappeared. This has an impact on how high the trailer ranks on search engines and all sort of other things we may or may not understand fully. Please share links to the trailer and post it on social media so that we can continue to reach more people with the messages of TWO SPIRITS. Thank you so much for your support!

Lydia Nibley

What the Hell Happened to Traditional Values Like Love?

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When a young Native American man came out to his parents — who had lost touch with traditional teachings — he was shamed for the “sin” of being who he is. But when he came out to his traditional grandmother, she saw him as a creation of the Holy People and someone gifted with another way of being. She smiled lovingly and said, “Oh, my friends will be so jealous!”

We’re in the Holy Days of the LGBT calendar in October and November. It’s the season we observe National Coming Out Day, LGBT History Month, and Transgender Day of Remembrance.

I’m embarrassed to say that 20 years ago I felt squeamish when a close family member and her partner came out. Thank heaven for atonement and forgiveness! I knew so little at the time and I had no idea how to help them counter the discrimination they faced.

The process of making my film TWO SPIRITS began a few years ago, when I knew better and could do better. I sat near the grave of a murdered Navajo boy who was also a girl. I assured his grieving and loving mother that we would tell their story well so that people who didn’t know or care might be moved to see and feel things differently. That audiences would understand the gift of another gender through her love of her beautiful son. Read more…

Loving mischief and humanity… what’s next?

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Show youth the rich Two-Spirit tradition. Give them unshakable pride that replace suicidal thoughts. Confront subtle bullying that leads to larger discriminations and even to murder–by engaging hatred with love.


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Two Spirits for Youth

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TWO SPIRITS celebration in Phoenix

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Department of Justice Update

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TWO SPIRITS showing in Denver, CO

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TWO SPIRITS Campaign Update

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The NEXT STEP for a film that changes HEARTS and MINDS.

Join our campaign to place TWO SPIRITS in more public libraries, colleges, universities, and high schools nationwide.

According to the Youth Suicide Prevention Program (YSPP), gay teens are two to three times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. And Native American youths have the highest rates of suicide among all ethnic groups.

We’ve heard from young people who are no longer suicidal after seeing the film because they have a new sense of pride and identity. And we’ve seen how the film stimulates action and deepens the discussion around sexuality and gender in ways that will influence many students for the rest of their lives.

When people watch TWO SPIRITS, they change their minds about LGBT and Two-Spirit people. And when people change their minds, they change their behavior and that’s how the world changes for the better–one heartfelt connection at a time.





TWO SPIRITS is an award-winning documentary that creates a shift from mere tolerance, or acceptance, to a CELEBRATION of LGBT and Two-Spirit people. It demonstrates that people contribute not in spite of, but BECAUSE OF who they are. See the difference? That’s a BIG change.

Like when a young person comes out to their traditional Native grandmother and her response is, “Oh, my friends will be so jealous!” It’s being able to tell people that same sex unions have been honored here in America for thousands of years. That’s what we want people to feel–that shift.

A Legacy of CHANGE in YOUR name.

The film is about a terrible hate crime and the death of Fred Martinez, and it’s also about love–of a mother for her son, and of many Native cultures for their Two-Spirit people. It’s a message that resonates with people in powerful ways and creates healing.

The nation is changing and progress is being made, but unfortunately violent hate crimes against LGBT people rose 13% in 2010 (LA Times, 7/13/11).  There’s still a long way to go, and we know education is the most effective tool against violence, which is why we’re working so hard to get TWO SPIRITS into as many libraries, colleges and universities as possible, as soon as possible.




Progress is happening, but we need YOUR help.

This summer, TWO SPIRITS was welcomed to the White House and was seen by several branches of government. The American Library Association recognized the film as “making a significant contribution.” TWO SPIRITS is currently being offered in 296 colleges and universities and 41 libraries nationwide.

We thought that was great, until we learned that there are literally thousands of libraries, colleges, universities, and high schools nationwide (over 16,000 public libraries, 1,160 Bureau of Indian Affairs and government libraries, more than 3,600 college and university libraries, and 16,000 high schools) and we want to get at least one copy and a study guide of TWO SPIRITS into all of them.

We’re reaching out to philanthropists and foundations for our big goal of $464,000, but with friends of the film and their friends and their friends we’re convinced we can raise $50,000 to start getting as many copies of TWO SPIRITS as possible into as many libraries and educational institutions as possible, as soon as possible, so we can reach the people who need to see this film NOW. Will you help?

This is a volunteer, grassroots effort fueled by passion for the cause, but it’s going to take hundreds, maybe even thousands of us to get this important message out in a big way, so we’re inviting you to be CREATIVE about how to share this campaign and spread the messages of TWO SPIRITS with others.

Imagine who might pick up a copy of TWO SPIRITS from a library shelf or attend a class where it’s shown and have their life changed because of YOUR contribution of DVDs.

Please spend a few dollars right now to make your contribution to reaching more people. You tell us how much and we’ll choose the colleges/universities, high schools, libraries that receive the copies you provide based on our lists.


Help us reach out creatively.

  • Contribute online now to provide copies of TWO SPIRITS to colleges, universities, and libraries. It will only take about two minutes and will have an impact that will reach further than you could ever know.
  • If you can step up with a larger gift yourself or connect TWO SPIRITS with someone you know who may be able to provide a larger gift, know that your help will make a huge difference.
  • Get a personal copy for your use and give the DVD as a gift. There’s a buy-one-get-one-for-half-price deal at
  • Proudly wear the message on a tee shirt
  • If you can’t contribute dollars now, that’s okay. One of the most valuable ways to help the TWO SPIRITS campaign is to share it widely with your family and friends with the social media buttons below. Tell your story, encourage others to tell theirs and to contribute in their own way to the movement.
  • Like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter, sign up for the newsletter on the TWO SPIRITS website.

Anything you do is wonderful! On behalf of all the people who will see the film because of you, we say THANK YOU!




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